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JIGS Soccer provides soccer club training to youth players at all ability levels. Our knowledgeable and certified Long Island soccer trainers can provide your club with high-caliber soccer training in a positive environment. Our goal is to give developing players unrivaled exposure to a rewarding youth soccer experience that is not only educational, but fun. This approach allows elite, developmental and recreational players to prosper at the highest level they can achieve. By pursuing excellence at all times, both on and off the field, JIGS aims to guide players to reach their full potential and foster a lifelong love and respect for the beautiful game.

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JIGS Soccer will provide your club with exemplary youth soccer training in a fun and positive environment. We are dedicated to developing young athletes and helping them fulfill their dreams of becoming the very best soccer players they can be, while being great representatives of their community.

JIGS strives to develop accomplished soccer players, as well as quality young individuals who earn respect on and off the field. We encourage our players to understand that everyone is different and that each individual they encounter deserves their respect whether they are a different color, nationality, or religion. At JIGS, this culture creates a family atmosphere built on creativity, confidence, commitment and cohesion.

Our soccer club training goal is to develop skilled, creative and confident players in a fun, fast-paced learning environment.
» We want our players to be imaginative, inventive and unpredictable on the field.
» We want our players to see the field as a platform to express their skill, personality and vision.
» We want to promote great decision-making under pressure, while competing at the highest level possible.

The number one job of our players is to learn to make good, quick decisions under pressure. Our belief is that if a player receives proper instruction on the five pillars of development, and has a desire to succeed, that they will be able to reach their true potential and get to the next level.

JIGS Soccer has combined our philosophies with those of the United States Soccer Federation and other top youth soccer programs from around the world. Ball Mastery is the foundation for player development. At the earliest ages, we encourage and promote proper technique for developing players. We believe mastering proper technique at an early age will be the root of their skills as they progress into more tactical knowledge as they mature. That said, we do instruct foundational tactics for shape at the earliest ages, using the diamond formation. This allows players to see the field and be presented with options within smaller groups of players, which will apply to future tactics all over the field.

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JIGS Soccer Club Training

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