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In addition to club and team soccer training on Long Island, New York, JIGS Soccer offers one-on-one soccer training for dedicated players who are committed to the sport. JIGS Soccer’s individual soccer training provides players with a customized approach to youth soccer training that focuses on a player’s immediate training needs. Targeting the physical and technical demands of the game, JIGS Soccer can make a big impact on a soccer player’s ability, even after just a few sessions.

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The big benefit of private youth soccer training is that each session is tailored to focus on a soccer player’s shortcomings, while enhancing their strengths. Items that soccer trainers are just not able to target during a team practice can be covered in depth. In addition, the sessions advance at the speed of the individual player, instead of an entire group. Best of all, with our one-on-one, private soccer training, our trainers can come to you! Pick the best time for you and your child, and a JIGS certified trainer will come to your location to conduct the training.

Every aspect of the game can be spotlighted by the personal soccer trainer. Want to learn how to become a free kick specialist like Cristiano Ronaldo? JIGS Soccer trainer’s can delve into all aspects of how to take a direct kick from technique to tactics. Looking to become a slippery dribbler like Leo Messi? Individual soccer training can make you not only faster, but also add deceptive moves to fake out and leave defenders in the dust. Want to work on your soccer fitness to add speed and agility to your game? JIGS Soccer trainers can design a customized training regime to increase power, strength, speed and agility to your game.

With our small group soccer training, up to four players can participate in a private training session with one of our knowledgeable soccer trainers. Contact us today to learn more!

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