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JIGS Soccer provides soccer team training all over Long Island, NY and in the New York metropolitan region. Travel soccer teams looking to advance the most competitive soccer players need to develop both as a team and as individuals. JIGS soccer trainers take soccer development to the next level by implementing a soccer training philosophy tailored to each teams unique makeup. This attention to detail and personalized approach to team training allows youth soccer players to become the very best they can be while having a tremendous amount of fun. JIGS Soccer prepares soccer players by instructing on five distinct pillars to create a soccer training system that is designed to cultivate complete soccer players who make smart decisions under pressure.

Jigs Soccer Diversity

Based on a soccer team’s training needs, JIGS can provide two season training, Fall and Spring, or a year-round model for soccer teams who are committed to the sport. During the summer months, when players are out of school, JIGS conducts immersive Long Island soccer camps, which focuses on individual technical growth, fitness, functional tactical awareness and a confident mindset. Just prior to the opening of the fall season, JIGS runs preseason camps for individual teams to ramp up their fitness, skills and team mentality.

The fall is where the individual team comes together as a cohesive whole. Team chemistry is about how each player can amplify the strengths and compensate for weaknesses of the collective in order to play their best. During the season the teams continue to work on their fundamental skills while addressing deficits that arise during competition. Set plays, functional training and age-appropriate tactics are also covered.

At the completion of the fall season, the team’s performance is assessed and areas of improvement are recorded. The winter is dedicated to correcting problematic areas of the game, both as a team and as individuals, and a strategic plan is put together to ramp up these areas. The winter is also the perfect time to work diligently on technique, kicking mechanics and fitness. Teams who work hard during the winter come out swinging in the spring, ready to pounce on the competition. Many of our teams complement their indoor training by participating in a Futsal league with its emphasis on excellent technique, quick decision making under pressure and combination play.

Spring brings unique challenges with vast changes in weather, competition with other sports and ramping up the team to match fitness. At JIGS, we are often way ahead of other teams who didn’t take advantage of the specialized winter sessions. JIGS teams come out match ready. This head start allows our teams to work on restarts, advanced technical training and solving tactical problems during the season, permitting our teams to capitalize on these opportunities during games. While most other teams are just coming up to speed after two or three games, our teams are elevating their play to new heights. The momentum carries on throughout the soccer season and our teams continue to get stronger and stronger, ending on a high note.

At JIGS we designate a single soccer trainer to each team, allowing them to obtain an in-depth understanding of each player and the team as a unit. A customized program is then put in place and the training sessions increase intensity. Not only does the team have a developmental arc, but individual targets are set for each player’s development. This soccer development strategy ensures that JIGS trained teams continue to develop and advance their gameplay in order to excel at every opportunity.

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